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AdGlance is the only company that offers a Customized Package of Features (CPF) for every client. The CPF solution boosts brand protection, optimization, and targeting for the best results in less time.

Brand Protection

AdGlance’s line of brand protection features provides multiple layers of security to ensure the integrity of your brand for the life of the campaign. Here are some of the protection features you can enjoy:

Site Specific Ad Placement

  • Know exactly what sites will be hosting your ads.
  • Save money by making sure every ad will appear only on the most relevant sites.


Campaign Suppression via Client-Determined Black Lists

  • Never worry about your ads appearing on an inappropriate site or channel.
  • Protect your brand with innovative technology solutions.


Intelligent URL-Level Screening

  • Keep ads off adult content and torrent sites.
  • Automate the screening process so you can focus on other projects.


Complete Site Transparency

  • Know every site that hosts your campaign.
  • Track the activity and placement of your ads in an easy-to-use interface.


Continuous Ad Placement Audits

  • Never worry about ads falling into obsolescence or irrelevance.
  • Enjoy a partnership with a company that is as engaged with your brand as you are.


The AdGlance approach to optimization is marked by instant targeting and pricing with frequency adjustments as needed. Your ad campaign will benefit from the best, most consistent visibility rates possible.

  • Constant evaluation will weed out weak performers.
  • Your ads will stay in the best position for optimal visibility.
  • Unbeatable results will keep you happy with your campaign longer.


Advertisers who partner with AdGlance will benefit from the most cost effective targeting options on the market. We pinpoint traffic with industry-leading precision, producing the results you want with minimal output.

  • Over 300+ channels and micro-channels will make your ads more visible than ever before.
  • Enjoy the luxury of choice with hundreds of thousands of available URL’s across multiple networks and exchanges.
  • Feel secure with every choice with access to our white list of client-approved sites, channels, and categories.

Quality traffic. Positive results. Every time.

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