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Hand Sanitizer Digital Billboards

The Digital Out-Of-Home is constantly evolving and transforming into new forms of communication that allow brands to reach their target audiences in a more engaging and relevant way. One of the recent innovations in the industry is hand sanitizer digital billboards that will enable effectively attract peoples’ attention in the high traffic zones.

Hand hygiene is important for staying healthy in today’s reality. In crowded public places, people are always drawn to the free hand sanitizer. While passing by and using it to sanitize their hands, they automatically see the visual message displayed on the digital screen, placed above the sanitizer dispenser at eye level. This type of media gives advertisers a unique opportunity to raise brand awareness, drive action, and reach their target audiences in places they spend most of their time.

Strategic Location

Hand sanitizer billboard is the medium that connects with audiences at key locations during their daily routine, while they visit supermarkets, cafes, pharmacies, or clinics. Usually, they’re placed at the entrance and exit zones of the retail facilities or public places, near the counter or other high-traffic areas. Every day, hundreds of people pass by its eye-catching digital screen that delivers dynamic messages rather than static print ads.

These days, customers have become more attentive to in-door promotions. Based on numerous researches, place-based advertising has a significant impact on visitors’ brand awareness, recall, and conversions.

Brands that are present in retail stores can influence the purchase decision of the visitors in real-time, at the exact moment they enter the store and begin their buying journey. For brands that are not carried out in retail locations used for advertising, it’s an opportunity to leave a long-lasting impression on audiences in a brand-safe environment and motivate them to take action.

Dynamic Content

When it comes to content, digital signage allows brands to display a series of advertisements, messages, videos, news or other forms of communication, and even display more content in the desired time period.

Engaging, dynamic campaigns create a more positive and memorable impression for audiences, that helps achieve a higher ROI. Additionally, the content on the screen can be controlled remotely and changed at any time.


Advertisers can place their campaigns on the hand sanitizer billboards programmatically. Our programmatic platform and passive-biometric sensor allow us to access real-time analytics, track the number of impressions, dwell time the ad receives, and demographic data for effective targeting.

Using this data-driven approach, you can create effectively measurable and highly-targeted advertising campaigns.

Hand sanitizer billboards give advertisers a chance to reach their target audiences in person during their daily journeys, using digital technology and effective measuring capabilities. These benefits help brands achieve higher results with any advertising campaigns.

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