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Healthcare Marketing: Advantages of Digital Billboard Advertising

Consumers are now more focused on personal wellness and have the opportunity to choose a wide range of healthcare providers or products. For this reason, it’s important to design marketing strategies that will help healthcare companies to stand out amongst the competition and effectively attract healthcare consumers.

If you deliver a message about improving your community's health, choosing the right advertising media channel will play a huge role in the success of your marketing efforts.

Digital Out-Of-Home is a powerful tool in helping reach patients and consumers at the right time and at the right place. AdGlance offers Hand Sanitizer Digital Billboards placed in high-traffic locations like supermarkets, pharmacies, or clinics to influence highly receptive consumers. We’ll explore why healthcare companies should include Digital Billboards in their marketing strategy to engage local communities with their health messaging.

DOOH Builds Brand Awareness

Healthcare companies with strong brand awareness typically inspire consumer trust and generate more revenue. Today consumers prefer to choose well-established healthcare brands, meaning there is a huge need for branding. Now, healthcare providers are given the opportunity to use digital out-of-home advertising as an effective way to strengthen their brands and build trust with consumers and patients.

With our Hand Sanitizer Digital Billboards, you can expose a large audience to your message and maintain a heavy visual presence across multiple retail locations. This innovative ad medium ensures a safe form of communication and is perceived as a more trusted source of information for the local community.

Strong brand recognition can influence consumers to select particular healthcare provider over another in intensely competitive markets, resulting in your market share growth.

Local Advertising

Digital Out-Of-Home is highly effective at the local level, as hospitals and clinics mainly serve people within their neighborhood. We should also consider the fact that people aren’t always aware of what hospital or clinics they need to visit, as they don’t think about their choice of healthcare provider until there is a particular need. This is why digital out-of-home is quite effective for local advertising. Healthcare providers can influence the people who need medical care by advertising their brands in local retail locations, and increase the chances that consumers will act on their message, remember their brand, or visit their places right away.

By advertising your healthcare services on our digital billboards placed in local retail locations, you have the power to reach new potential patients near your hospital or clinic.

With the technological capabilities of dynamic digital screens, you can tailor the ad messages to connect with your patients on a more personal level across multiple locations. You can choose the right location and deliver your advertising campaigns automatically via our programmatic platform.

You can target specific group of consumers

AdGlance Digital Billboards allow you to reach any demographic you need. Real-time analytics provides detailed audience insights such as age, gender, and interest that allow healthcare companies to target the right audience at the right place and time.

For example, pharmaceutical companies can promote their medicines and target more health-conscious consumers in different age groups in places like clinics or hospitals.

Advertise with AdGlance

AdGlance can help you achieve great marketing results with an innovative advertising channel, Hand Sanitizer Digital Billboards. We'd be happy to help your brand to connect with the local audience at the various retail locations in Los Angeles, using our eye-catching digital screens.



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