How to Promote Your Small Business with Digital Out-Of-Home

Considering all economic challenges that small business owners face today, it's essential to be more strategic with the budget to perform well in the future. If you run a small business and want to be successful in the market, standing out from your competitors in the local community, then choosing an effective advertising tool will be a vital part of your marketing strategy.

Small businesses always wonder how to invest their ad dollars most effectively and which advertising media to choose. Digital Out-Of-Home advertising can be a perfect solution for businesses of any size. It provides impressive visibility on the audiences, as more and more US consumers have started to spend their time out of homes. This offers an excellent opportunity to connect with your target audiences offline, as we live in the era when users tired of intrusive online ads install ad blockers and can ignore online advertising that is not related to them.

With DOOH, you can’t skip the ad, and actually, it’s hard to avoid the eye-catching ad messages placed on appealing digital screens. Furthermore, communications are being addressed to the right individuals at the right time in the contextually relevant environment.

And what others advantages drive small businesses to leverage DOOH media?

Hyper-Local Targeting

Instead of appealing to mass audiences and hoping that someone eventually would react to your ad, you can target potential consumers in specific geographical areas. This means that you can target individuals near your business, just a few streets or blocks away.

With a feature like hyper-local targeting, businesses can increase foot traffic, which generates greater profits.

You can launch an advertising campaign to lead consumers directly to your physical store by placing your ads on digital screens located within a given radius and in proximity to your place. DOOH allows you to customize your ad communications based on the specific demographics of each location, in order to be more relevant to the audience.

DOOH is Affordable

Most small business owners falsely assume that only big brands can afford Digital Out-Of-Home advertising. In fact, DOOH media can be incredibly cost-effective and doesn’t require an enormous advertising budget. Especially, it applies to programmatic DOOH, which refers to the automated buying of digital screens and billboards on special online platforms that deliver your advertising campaigns remotely. These programmatic platforms significantly minimize your spendings, as you don’t need to spend the budget on hiring any physical labor to install your ads or negotiate the ad rates. Now small businesses can select the desired screens and run their advertising campaigns at any desired time loop as long as they want, considering their advertising budget. Launch Your First DOOH Ad Campaign with AdGlance

AdGlance will help to promote your small business and increase your local visibility via attractive hand sanitizer digital billboards. You can easily reach various target audiences in popular retail locations and other public places with high traffic, run measurable and effective advertising campaigns with high ROI, access real-time analytics, and demographic data. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information!