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In-Store Advertising - Reaching Shoppers with AdGlance Digital Billboards.

As the majority of consumers prefer in-store shopping experience and visit most retail destinations on a daily basis, Digital Out-Of-Home can be a crucial tool in reaching consumers and building relationships with shoppers during their time spent in-store.

Advertising in retail environments, such as groceries or convenience stores, is a great solution for brands seeking to attract consumers at the right moment. For grocery store advertising to be effective, AdGlance locates its' hand sanitizer digital billboards near the entrance spots, so the consumers will be exposed to an ad right before they start their shopping journey.

Why Choose In-store Advertising?

Despite the availability of online grocery retailers, shopping in physical stores is still important to American consumers, and they visit them quite regularly.

Advertising in this retail environment not only allows brands to stand out and attract consumers but gives them an opportunity to target specific demographics. Whether you are looking for affluent shoppers living in the city center, the Hispanic population, or potential consumers living in suburban areas, you will be able to reach out to these persons you are specifically looking for.

Furthermore, advertising in-store allows brands to reach consumers right when they are more likely to spend. Brands can reach thousands of consumers, engaging with them while they're in the decision-making process, and can be influenced to try new products or services.

By displaying your ad through a compelling medium like Hand Sanitizer Digital Billboard, you can effectively achieve several marketing goals, like raising brand awareness, increasing foot traffic for your business, motivating consumers to take action, or generating more sales.

When it comes to campaign results, our real-time analytics platform allows you to track your ad spend, see how many consumers engage with your ad, and provide you with shoppers' demographic data, like age, gender, etc.

How CPG Brands Can Connect with Consumers

In-store advertising is great for Consumer Packaged Goods brands that have a unique opportunity to boost sales and stay top of mind with consumers during their shopping time. Brands can leave a lasting impression on shoppers, connecting with them near the entrance via AdGlance digital screens right before they start to make purchases. This communication can lead to impulsive purchasing, as there is a huge possibility that consumers may buy a product after seeing it advertised, even if they were not planning it.

While advertising on AdGlance digital screens, it's possible to deliver more contextual and engaging messages, creating a positive perception of your brand in the mind of consumers. The timing and relevance of the message are the key drivers of capturing shoppers' attention.

With our digital displays located at strategic locations, brands can get in front of buyers at the right moment to deliver valuable information, like compelling offers or promotions for their in-store products.

Including DOOH in-store advertising into your marketing strategy is essential in running successful advertising campaigns. Reach thousands of potential consumers shopping at the grocery or convenience stores and ensure your brand stays top of mind.



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