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Key DOOH Advertising Trends in 2022

With the shift towards digitalization in the advertising industry, Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) is becoming the most impactful and intelligent medium of reaching targeted audiences on their journeys across multiple touch-points. It’s a real opportunity for brands to integrate Digital Out-of-Home into their media plans to generate awareness about their brand and increase their ROIs.

As we observe, DOOH is constantly evolving, and now its technological capabilities can provide brands with real-time data to track the performance of advertising campaigns and improve targeting. This article will explore the primary trends we see in digital out-of-home media for 2022.

DOOH Powered with AI Technology

Artificial Intelligence plays an essential role in the evolution of Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising. With this innovative technology, it’s possible to obtain accurate, real-time data to reach the right target audience and optimize your ads to be more effective. DOOH can collect this data using computer vision methods, like facial recognition systems or sensors, and analyze the audience in front of the screen in the desired time period estimating the number of viewers and their profiles (gender, age, mood, or activity).

AI measurement capabilities can even estimate the demographics of an audience before it reaches the screen based on numerous factors like time, location, etc.

DOOH powered with AI can guarantee advertisers that their ads reach the right audience. With more detailed data, advertisers can better understand their audience and make significant improvements in their media planning, scheduling, and advertising campaigns.

Interactive and Engaging Content

With creative and engaging advertising campaigns, you can ensure that the audience will interact with your ad and build relationships with your brand in the future or real-time, not just forget about it after seeing similar ones on the next street.

Consider activating video format on digital screens, creating a positive, memorable impression on audiences through dynamic content. Advertising campaigns with video and animation elements help attract viewers and tell the story of your brand more engagingly.

In today’s highly competitive market, make sure to deliver the message that will be remembered by the consumers and remain top of mind. A brand with a compelling advertising campaign is likely to impact consumers on a subconscious level and create a buzz around its brand, increasing word of mouth effect.

Also, studies suggest that the human brain is more sensitive to elements that move towards them, so motion elements on the screen can attract attention better than static images.

Reaching Consumers During Their Daily Journey

Now brands have a huge opportunity to influence consumers throughout their day. By reaching consumers at multiple touch-points through digital out-of-home, advertisers can make an immense impact on their buying decision.

DOOH can interact with consumers throughout their daily journeys at various public locations like retail stores, clinics, groceries, pharmacies, restaurants, and more. Launch your campaign on eye-catching digital screens in places where your target audience spends most of their time!

The latest innovations in the DOOH industry have broadened the scope of advertising opportunities the brands and advertisers can use to improve the return on investment for their advertising campaigns. Powered by artificial intelligence, Digital Out-Of-Home allows you to make smarter decisions about ads’ creative process and reach your target consumers almost everywhere!

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