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The Power of DOOH in Influencing Consumer Behavior

Today brands are more eager to integrate digital out-of-home (DOOH) medium into their advertising plans, as DOOH advertising is an incredibly effective channel to influence consumer behavior.

It’s important to note that interactions between brands and their audience have become more digital, which means that brands have more access to customer data. Previously it was more relevant for brands to rely on online advertising, which offered impressive analytics to reach ideal target consumers and track the effectiveness of ad campaigns. But now, with the development of Digital Out-Of-Home advertising, and its progress in audience targeting and measurement, possible through programmatic DOOH, companies can create the most targeted, personal, and successful advertising campaigns.

Let’s look into the powerful advantages of DOOH, helping companies encourage consumers to interact with their brands.

DOOH Delivers Timely and Impactful Messages

With DOOH technological capabilities, you can reach your target audiences at the perfect ‘moment’, and choose the most relevant information and visual elements based on real-time situations, to create your compelling advertising message. By delivering more personally relevant ads, brands can influence consumer behavior.

Content and messaging can be delivered automatically based on numerous criteria – the weather, day-part, stock levels, gender, age, and even the mood of the consumers. For instance, by analyzing weather data, you can change your advertising content programmatically depending on weather conditions, whether it’s sunny or raining outside. Coffee shops can promote their hot drinks during the rainy and cold weather or display their “happy hour” special deals during a particular time.

DOOH Reaches the right consumers

Digital Out-Of-Home advertising and its targeting capabilities allow brands to effectively reach the right audiences at the right time with the right personalized messages. Based on the specific type of audiences they want to target, brands can utilize the power of programmatic DOOH to promote their ad messages on the digital screens across multiple locations, where significant numbers of their potential customers are likely to be.

With effective DOOH targeting tools, you can leverage several targeting options, from demographic to location. Now brands can engage their consumers based on their current location, preferences, or proximity to point-of-purchase.

You can choose Digital Out-Of-Home inventory based on audience data provided by real analytics and computer vision technology. This type of data can provide valuable insights on characteristics of a particular group of people, such as age and gender.

DOOH is Programmatic

Programmatic Digital Out-Of-Home refers to automated planning, buying, selling, targeting, and delivery of ad content. Brands can set specific conditions under which they want to buy media inventory.

With programmatic DOOH platforms, you can display multiple ads across numerous digital signages in the required period of time. And with provided data, you can analyze your target demographics and advertise in locations they spend most of the time.

The Digital Out-Of-Home industry is constantly evolving, providing brands with the opportunity to create strategic advertising campaigns. There’s huge potential to influence your consumers by delivering contextually relevant messages and maximizing their impact with effective targeting capabilities.

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