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What is Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) advertising?

In recent years, the advertising industry has changed dramatically and became more technologically advanced, with impressive visibility, targeting, and tracking options. We can relate these innovations to Digital Out-Of-Home media, which is considered today one of the most effective tools for capturing people’s attention outside of their homes. Let’s get more familiar with DOOH and its benefits!

What does DOOH mean?

Digital Out-Of-Home media refers to advertising displayed on digital screens, which are located in public or commercial places.

DOOH offers a perfect opportunity for businesses to reach on-the-go customers. They’re being exposed to ads at multiple touch-points as they’re moving through the day, like while they’re shopping at groceries, visiting restaurants or training at gym.

Thanks to Digital Out-Of-Home displays, it’s also possible to deliver engaging and dynamic messages to get more eyes on your ad.

Powerful targeting and real-time analytics

When it comes to the success of your campaign, right targeting plays a major role here. Powered by advanced tracking technology, DOOH provides detailed data on the audience, their gender, age or behavior. Based on this information, you can easily identify your target audience and generate better campaign results.

Digital Out-Of-Home media is also bought based on display location. Clients can raise awareness about their local business in the right place and at the right time, leading potential customers directly to their store.

Additionally, real-time analytics enables you to track the effectiveness of your campaign, providing information about the number of people who saw your ad at a particular time. It will help get deeper insights into your target customers and how they engage with your message.

DOOH is unskippable

In everyday life, while browsing social media or websites, we keep running into annoying ads, usually in the form of pop-up that covers the whole screen. As they interrupt our web experience, we try to close or block them.

Unlike online advertising, Digital Out-Of-Home is unskippable. It’s hard to avoid highly visible digital screens that display relevant and visually attractive content. So, DOOH can ensure that your ad will get desired attention.

Cost-effective advertising

Traditional advertising that could include static Out-Of-Home billboards or posters, requires additional investment for printing and installation for each ad. It becomes quite inconvenient to spend lots of money to refresh your ad campaigns when they get outdated. With DOOH, ads can be displayed and changed over time automatically, without any production expenses.

New opportunities with programmatic DOOH

Digital Out-Of-Home is a new chapter of modern and progressive advertising that enables everyone to reach their potential customers when they spend time outside their homes.

Most of DOOHs are programmatic, which means that you can buy it via online platform, that let you set targeting, choose available location and place your ad just in few clicks.

All mentioned benefits make DOOH a powerful instrument to promote your business and attract more customers.

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