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Why DOOH Is Important For Your Holiday Campaigns

The preparation for the holiday season begins months before the actual date, creating a unique opportunity for advertisers to drive sales and significant revenue results. And Digital Out-Of-Home ads can play a vital role in this important period. Here we will explore how brands can benefit from using Digital Out-Of-Home during the holiday rush.

When leaving their houses, consumers are very determined where they would go for shopping, would it be retail, convenience stores, groceries, etc. These shopping journeys are well planned because consumers already know what they want to buy and which locations they should visit.

And now, brands can run DOOH ad campaigns by using specific audience data to reach shoppers while they’re making purchases for their families and close ones. As a result, brands can influence shoppers’ buying decisions via highly-visible ads at strategic locations, so consumers can change their typical purchasing habits at the last minute and decide to try something new. DOOH can help brands get in front of desired customers and be top of mind during the customers’ journey.

American consumers are expected to spend more than usual during this holiday season. Therefore, it’s essential to use this opportunity and invest in advertising to generate more sales. There are several ways to help brands stand out to holiday shoppers with Digital Out-Of-Home advertising.

Be creative

Digital Out-Of-Home provides brands with limitless creative opportunities to drive consumer engagement with appealing advertising campaigns. Its’ dynamic capabilities allow us to create ads with exciting visual elements to get more consumers’ attention.

Your creative message on DOOH digital signages can affect consumers while they’re considering buying holiday gifts and being on their way to the store or already making purchases. It’s even possible to adapt the advertising content in real-time to fit relevant situations perfectly.

Integrate online advertising into your dynamic DOOH campaigns by adding things like QR codes and links to your websites to achieve better results. These measures provide an engaging experience and an easy way for consumers to interact with your brand. You can also analyze the effectiveness of your campaign by tracking impressions and other detailed analytics.

Create holiday promotions

Consumers are now more receptive to in-door promotions and looking all around to notice the deals for this most desired holiday season. They expect sales and other discount promotions around this period. Offering deals are more likely to drive customers to buy your product or visit your business. This approach will bring your business new customers and increase the loyalty of current ones.

DOOH digital signages placed in the shopping environment play a crucial part in delivering your communications to your target audience. Brands can easily air and update their promotion campaigns remotely based on the specific time, location, and target audience.

DOOH allows brands to customize their messages by venue type to display real-time offers. Now advertisers have the opportunity to send particular messages to consumers who are on the path to purchase and a different communication to consumers who are at the store and ready to make a purchase.

In order to influence holiday shoppers during this busy time of year, it’s crucial to integrate Digital Out-Of-Home advertising into your omni-channel marketing plan and reach your target audience in places where you can most effectively attract their attention, appearing in their holiday wishlist.

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